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Do all of your work at HOME ! ! !

Now you may do all your Driver Education at home. We are authorized by the California DMV to provide quality online Driver Education course for teens to obtain their driver license. This course meets California's Provisional Instruction Permit requirements for students under 18. Students who successfully complete Driver Education course will be issued Certificates Of Completion that are accepted by the DMV to apply for a California Provisional Permit.
Course Contents 

Our course contains 10 chapters which provide you comprehensive knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes you need to drive safely.
 Chapter 1 - Getting your Driver License
 Chapter 2 - Beyond the license
 Chapter 3 - Before Start The Engine
 Chapter 4 - Signs and Curbs
 Chapter 5 - Basic Driving Skills & Rules
 Chapter 6 - Use of Lanes
 Chapter 7 - Driving in special conditions
 Chapter 8 - Parking
 Chapter 9 - Accident Avoidance and Prevention
 Chapter 10 - Alcohol and Drugs
How to complete the course? 
The course allows you immediate access to reading and test materials after your registration is complete. There is no need to wait for anything to arrive in the mail, as all material can be accessed on the Internet.
Each chapter contains several sections. After completion of section reading, you will take a short quiz at the end of each chapter to assess your understanding. If you obtain 70% or higher of questions correct, you can continue to study next chapter. Otherwise, you need to spend more time on that chapter and retake the Quiz.
You have unlimited access of course materials until Final Test have been completed. To complete the entire course, we will take a comprehensive Final Test with 70% or higher of questions correct.
Once you complete the course, we will mail you Certificate of Completion DL387 by your option of the courier. You must present Certificate of Completion to the DMV when you apply for your provisional permit.
Our online course is full of colorful graphics and animation that will make the program fun, while also educational. You will interact with the website and will know immediately when you pass a section. Enroll today !

This course only costs $35.
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