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Legal Disclaimer
As you study this course, remember that the information presented is only a summary of the laws and regulations. We are not affiliated with DMV. The DMV, law enforcement, and the courts follow the full and exact language of the law contained in the California Vehicle Code. Fees mentioned in this course are subject to change by legislative mandate.
If there is a conflict, this course material cannot be relied upon as the law. The latest printed manual and volumes of all California laws can be found:

Our Privacy Pledge: All information requested during the purchase process is information required by the state of California in order for them to determine eligibility of the student to receive a license, or is required in order to process the credit card payment. All information provided is confidential and will never be sold or given to a third party.

Course Terms and Conditions

A registration fee in the amount of $55.00 will be charged for each the STUDENT. This fee includes all required instructional materials. Payment of $55.00 will be charged when this order is confirmed in Step 3 of this purchase process.

COURSE SCHEDULE offers a course composed of 10 chapters spanning 10 hours of instruction. The course will be available to the STUDENT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This availability may be affected by circumstances such as, but not limited to: system, site or connectivity failure over which the course owner has no control.

HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE prescribes minimum hardware and software requirements for completing the course. Minimum browser requirements are the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) 4.0 or greater, Netscape version 4.0 or greater or any other browsers that provide equal or greater functionality. The browsers need to support Javascript and cookies. The minimum hardware required is such that it should be able to support the software configuration listed above. The course requires the use of a pointing device such as a mouse. All students will go through the software evaluation after registration, but prior to the start of the course.

The STUDENT must complete all phases of the approved curriculum in order to receive a certificate of completion. Any time missed must be made up. is prohibited from issuing a certificate of completion if the STUDENT has not met all the requirements for course completion and a STUDENT shall not accept a certificate under such circumstances.

The STUDENT cannot advance to the next chapter until the required time and the quiz for the current chapter has been met. They cannot be given credit for the course unless they score 70% or higher on the quizzes and final exam. Alternative testing techniques for students with reading, hearing or learning handicaps and policies for re-testing students who score less than 70% will be a) review of material; b) translation, if necessary or possible; and c) re-testing, if necessary.

The STUDENT agrees that HE/SHE, and not any other person, will study the material in its entirety and complete the chapter quizzes and the final exam. It is illegal to attempt to circumvent this online state-approved course or provide false information. If the COURSE PROVIDER discovers that the STUDENT has willfully misrepresented himself or has cheated, the STUDENT will be stopped from taking the course with no refund of the registration fees.

Once the program is purchased, no refund will be given.

PRIVACY STATEMENT is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. collect information from purchasers and Students during the purchase process and at several different points during the Course. will not use or sell this information to promote products or services unrelated to this traffic safety course or in ways different from what are disclosed in the Privacy Statement.

STUDENT represents and warrants that the user information and registration information provided by STUDENT is true and correct, and acknowledges that the truth and accuracy of such information is a material inducement to in permitting STUDENT to enroll in the course. STUDENT further acknowledges and agrees that any willful or intentional misrepresentation by STUDENT regarding such user information or registration information constitutes a breach of this agreement and of the representations and warranties by STUDENT as provided in this agreement, and may subject student to liability for damages incurred by as a result thereof, including but not limited to general, consequential, and punitive damages.

STUDENT acknowledges and agrees that the liability of and their agents and employees for any act, omission to act, or negligence on the part of and their agents and employees, is strictly limited to and shall not exceed the amount of the registration fee actually paid for STUDENT.
The only person who should be using this course is the STUDENT.
Information that the STUDENT provides will be used throughout this course to verify the STUDENTS participation. Please tell the STUDENT to remember all the answers to the questions asked when they first Log In to the course.

The questions you will be periodically asked include:
• Information asked of the STUDENT the first time they Log In
• Traffic Safety questions directly from that segment of the course reserves the right to require additional validation of the STUDENTS’ identity at any time, at our sole discretion
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